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Who can benefit from a whiter smile?

If you are not pleased with the color of your teeth, then you may be a candidate for bleaching. It is okay to want whiter teeth! Your smile is one of the most important aspects of the way you present yourself to others. Whiter teeth will help you feel more self confident and assured about your appearance, and you could be smiling more!  

Is bleaching safe - Is there any discomfort?

The whitening process will not negatively affect your tooth structure, bonding or restorations. In fact professional teeth whitening has been done for years and continues with increased popularity. There is little discomfort, if any. Some individuals might feel tingling or stinging of the gums or the appearance of small blanching. This is usually the result overfilling the trays causing the gel to ooze out the top and come in contact with your gums. Slight sensitivity to hot and cold beverages is common during the first few applications and is temporary. It is important to follow the instructions you will receive regarding how long to wear your trays and how much gel to use.  

How did my teeth get so yellow?

There are many factors that can lead to tooth discoloration. First we must realize tooth color is largely a matter of inherited tendencies. Some of us are born with the tendency for lighter teeth and some teeth respond better to whitening than others. In addition to hereditary, the natural process of aging may produce discoloration. Stains from food such as coffee, tea, dark sodas and smoking accumulate on your teeth over time. Whitening can be extremely helpful in treating the discoloration that ordinarily occurs with aging.  

Are you a candidate?

A healthy mouth is most important! Whitening cannot be performed on those with decayed, broken or loose teeth or on someone with gum disease (periodontal disease). Whitening is not effective on crowns (caps), tooth-colored fillings, bridges or dentures.  

What about these over-the counter products?

The "boil and bite" trays used in the over-the counter products overlap your gums producing more chance of irritation. They also feel big and bulky in your mouth. This results in more discomfort and possible TMJ problems. Your custom made tray is made from the model of your unique mouth which conforms to the natural contours of your teeth, is far more comfortable and assures a superior result.

What is the difference between laser/lights whitening and custom made trays?

Laser is done by a dentist who applies a 35% Hydrogen Peroxide solution on your teeth. Once this solution is on, a light is held a couple of inches away from your teeth to speed up the chemical reaction of the Hydrogen Peroxide. Many dentists advertise that this works better than tray type whitening. There is NO clinical data to indicate the laser whitening works any better than tray whitening.  NONE!  The problem with this procedure is that after 6 months to a year of your normal habits (drinking coke, tea, coffee, smoking etc.) your teeth become discolored again and develops a new stain. It's really all about the TIME that gel sits on your teeth and the professional gel you use.  With the laser whitening, you will have to go and pay $500 plus to have white teeth again. With the custom made trays, you already have the custom trays that you can wear anytime later to take off the new stain at no cost.  

How long does it take to get results?

You should notice that your teeth are beginning to whiten within 3 days. The actual amount of time for the final result varies from person to person depending on the type and severity of the stain. Some people respond more dramatically to whitening than others due to their tooth structure. Average result times range from 7-10 days.  

What is the procedure for maintaining my white smile?

Whenever you are completed you can put your gel away for a while. It is recommended to store in the refrigerator. An average person will put in their whitening trays 1-2 nights every 5-6 months. But if you smoke, drink lots of coffee, teas or dark sodas you might want to whiten a little more often. Every person is different. Some people only whiten once a year. So it depends what look you want.  

What are my whitening instructions?

Night Time Whitening Instructions: Load tray with a dab or a bead of gel in the front of each tooth indentation. Only whiten the teeth that show when you smile. Wipe off any excess on gum tissue. Remove trays in morning and brush.

Tips to avoid sensitivity:

Stop treatment and resume slowly. Avoid cold drinks and food. Any questions please call me at (920) 923-1704  


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